In the comments section on my Readers’ Advisory Blog post, Galcher asked if I had considered any security issues regarding blogging.  My response was that I had not but the question made me think and do a bit of research.  What I found disturbed me and made me want to throw my hands up in surrender.  However, with careful planning maybe Web 2.0 security isn’t so far-fetched an idea.

One of the exciting aspects of Web 2.0 is that it allows users to create communities of like minded folks without having to have the computer programming skills of an expert.  That is also Web 2.0’s biggest downfall.  Because the content is so open there’s room for those with malicious intent to side step security and wreak havoc on users. 

One of the suggestions for combatting these security issues is to disable Javascript.  This doesn’t seem to be a practical solution as Javascript is the primary language used for facilitating these dynamic websites.  The next set of suggestions appear to be a bit more feasible:

1.  Plan ahead for any malicious attacks.  In other words, assume someone out there is trying hack your site.

2.  If your website is going to accept third party widgets and other components make sure you trust the source.

3.  Limit the amount of personal information your patrons have to supply to use your site. 

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