When I was younger, I used to wonder where money had been, who held it, what they bought with it, etc.  I know, I was a strange child.  As I grew older and saw the disgusting things people do with money (put it in their socks, their underwear waistbands when jogging etc) I tried not to think about where my money had been or whether I should spray it down with bleach before touching it.  Anway, I remembered seeing a website that allowed you to track your dollar by its serial number and showing it to my kids.  We had fun with it, then they lost interest.

Now there’s a similar program for book lovers.  BookCrossings allows people to register any book in their personal library and leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up and read.  I think this is a fun idea and I plan to sign up.  I just hope I don’t pick up a book that’s been in the waistband of someone’s sweaty tighty whities.