I work at a small catholic university in the heart of Dallas, PA. And, because of its size, all of us pull double duty in the library. I am an Archivist and a Reference Librarian. My duties as an Archivist include documenting university history, maintaining the archives for the Back Mountain community, developing relationships with the community and assisting the Alumni Office in keeping up with our former students.

This is all fairly new to me. In my previous archival job, I worked as an archivist’s assistant, which meant that I assisted the archivist in doing research, setting up and dismantling displays and maintaining the university archives. I was also in charge of creating finding aids for a couple of smaller collections.

I learned so much in that job. And I know that I have big shoes to fill in my new position. I look forward to learning more about the people in the area and helping them to document their history.