It’s been almost two years since I’ve worked at the reference desk and I feel like my Info Mojo is gone (my apologies to Austin Powers).  I had a student come up to me and ask me  to help her do a bit of research on women and spirituality and, I have to admit, I drew a complete and total blank.  It was a bit like dreaming that I was standing naked in front of a group.  All of the reference knowledge I had accumulated in library school fell into a pile in the laundry heap of my brain.  I sat there, staring at this poor student, waiting and wishing someone would throw me something for cover.

That was my first day at the reference desk.  Now I’ve been at the reference desk twice more since then and I have to say the students have been very understanding.  Granted, I’ve started at a good time in the school year.  Near the end.  Most of the students know how to access the various databases and they know how to find the different journals and request something through ILL.  Many of the questions center around staplers, pencils and photocopiers.  These I can handle. 

From going from one academic library to a public library to another academic library, I’ve learned that the information doesn’t change that much, just the method by which we access it.  So now I have to adjust to new databases and their quirks but I’m up for the challenge.  Afterall, I’m a librarian and my job is to find things–especially my Info Mojo.