This week is National Library Week and I’m fairly excited.  Not because it’s National Library Week (although I suppose as a librarian that should be enough to untwist my bun) but because this is the first time I’ve ever been at an institution that celebrates National Library Week.  I mean they really go all out, to the point where there are inter-campus rivalries between the different offices and departments that stem from last year’s events.

There are special events scheduled for each day of the week with all sorts of foodstuffs tossed in to punctuate the excitement.  For weeks, the library staff have been having “Craft Saturday” where they’ve spent time creating flowers to coincide with the floral theme of this year’s “Join the Circle of Knowledge.”  Props to my daughter who spent one of her Fridays creating a beautiful pastel bouquet of origami lillies for the event. 

The events are as follows: 

Monday, 14 April – Book Sale, Bake Sale and Hula Hoop Contest
Tuesday, 15 April – Appreciate One Another, Eleanor Roosevelt Impersonantor and Paper Airplane Flying Contest
Wednesday, 16 April – Social Networking Exploration and Book Cart Races
Thursday, 17 April – Golf Tournament
Friday, 18 April – Guest Speaker:  Dr. Yolanda Smith

The most controversial of the events is the Book Cart Races.  Apparently, last year there were some “timing issues” and last year’s losers (who believe they are the true victors) are out to settle a score.