About a week ago, I received an interesting call from a lady who is putting together a family history and searching for information about Saint Therese’s in Shavertown, PA. Her family is one of the founding members of the church and she wanted information about some of the other founding members. Normally, this type of information does not fall within the purview of an archivist in a university. However, one of my responsibilities is to be on the board of the Back Mountain Historical Association, which is a committee charged with maintaining the history of the Back Mountain community.

During my research, one of the histories mentioned that the Sisters of Mercy (the founding sisters of our university) used to live on property owned by Saint Therese’s for a period of time. This is interesting because none of our records indicate that the sisters stayed anywhere but on campus. Of course, before I include this information in our history, I’ll document and double check all my facts. This is also contradicts information that suggests that members of the community were not all that happy to have the sisters opening a Catholic college in the Back Mountain.

I still haven’t been able to find much information about the founding families of Saint Therese’s but I have been able to find interesting histories of the area. I hope to take what I have learned and include it in the university archives as well as the Back Mountain Historical Association repository. I would also like to present a history of Saint Therese’s to the congregation, as I’ve been told they do not have a history of their church.