When I went to work at the Reference Desk, one of the staff members told me that she was trying to help a student find an article from a citation she had received from her professor.  Easy enough, I thought.   Then she told me she had been searching for this article for nearly 2 hours and could find absolutely nothing.  Hmmm, interesting, and a little nerve-wracking.  I am still dealing with the loss of my Info Mojo, afterall.  Anyhow, I go through all of the traditional librarianish methods of information seeking (that phrase is emblazoned in my brain).  Nada.  By the way, did I mention all we have is the author’s name and the title of the article?  After 45 minutes, I’m ready to call it quits and the other staff member is long past doing the same.  Finally, I decide to google the author and title.  Yes, it had occurred to me to do this before and it had occurred to me that the other staff member had done the same thing.  But I decided to try it again.  Sometimes we miss things.  Sure enough, there it was.  Near the end of the results.  In Portuguese.

I do not speak Portuguese.  So how did I recognize it?  I don’t know.  Sometimes there are feelings.  Anyway, I translated the page (thank goodness for the page translator) and showed the article to my co-worker and we passed it on to the student.  She was grateful.  My eyes were strained but my heart was happy because somewhere inside I knew my Info Mojo is lurking.