Day 7: Reflect on What You’ve Learned So Far

Hmmm, what have I learned so far about my commenting habits?  I’ve learned that I don’t comment as often as I should.  Actually, what I learned is that I send links to blogs to my email address so I can read them over later and stew on them, but then I still don’t comment.  So I guess the biggest thing I’ve learned is to comment while the thought is fresh in my head rather than saving it for later.

Blogging can be a lonely activity, especially when you’re not sure if your words, thoughts or ideas are having an impact.  People need feedback, “it feeds the spirit.” 

I’ve also learned that commenting in cyberspace requires more etiquette than commenting in “real” space because things get lost in translation.  I know this should be a given, but there are many people (I among them) who forget that sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come off funny online, instead it comes off as pretty snarky.  And people don’t necessarily want snark in their comment blocks, they want legitimate information that they or others can learn from.  Snark should be saved for emails.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that I want to be engaged with others who don’t necessarily share the same views as me but who have something meaningful to offer to the discussion no matter what it’s about.  Right now, I’m trying to focus on my career and trying to find ways to make an impact and become a better librarian and archivist.