Day 10:  Do a Comment Audit on Your Own Blog

After reading the article about why people aren’t commenting on my blog, I’d have to add a seventh reason:  people don’t know I’m here.  I’m not a mover and shaker in library world, so my blog isn’t one that people are going to automatically seek out.  I think it’s more like one they may stumble upon while searching for something else.  To an extent, it does bother me that my blogs do not get the traffic or attention that I’d like for them to receive (afterall, everyone wants to feel like they are being heard) but I also realize that I have done very little to push my blogs to the forefront.  Nor do I do much to engage readers in a dialogue.  

I could probably do better by researching items that are relevant to libraries and archives and blogging about current events.  But most of my focus has been on my immediate environment rather than the profession as a whole.  So, I guess if I truly want to invite conversation perhaps I should try appealing to a wider audience.