Day 13:  Write a Blog Post Using Comments

 As part of my course with InfoPeople, we were asked to submit a proposal using some form of social networking.  I opted to write about creating a Readers’ Advisory Blog

One of the comments I received on my proposal was from Therese Nielsen who wrote:

“We’ve been very happy with the response to HPL Book Hunt here at the Huntington (NY) Public Library and it’s nice to get noticed for our efforts. We at HPL also offer our patrons NextReads and that has also been a great way to connect our patrons with ideas for “what to read next.” For more ideas about how to connect your patrons with online book discusssion groups or readers’ advisory resources, check out the links on our blog.”

I love that she not only read my blog and appreciated what I was trying to do but she offered suggestions on how I could build upon my idea.  Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on the follow up because the library that I worked for at the time was not interested in implementing blogs into their patron services. 

The disinterest on the part of my employers stemmed from several things: 1) the library is part of a system that works individually rather than holistically, 2) an assumption that community members would not be interested in blogging or networking with each other, and 3) a fear of the unknown.  However, I could have been a bit more proactive encouraging the libraries to try something new.  Afterall, libraries are supposed to be innovative and places where new ideas are explored and developed. 

So my question is how have you introduced new technologies to people who are disinterested for whatever reason?