Connie’s post got me to thinking and I realized that I am continually astounded by the number of librarians, moms, businesses, etc that use Twitter to keep up with their contacts, but I am equally dumbfounded by the lack of archivists who are using this service or any social networking service for that matter. If anyone should be using this service, we should. Archival work is by it’s nature a somewhat isolating profession. Unlike libraries which are more social and interactive, people simply aren’t banging down the archives doors to get inside. I know there are some who are thinking that about libraries, but I worked at a public library. Have you ever seen how nasty some folks can get when the library doors are closed?!

I use Twitter as a way to stay connected and remember that there are people outside of these four walls. But I also use it as a form of professional and personal development. David Lee King lists 10 ways for librarians to use Twitter, but I challenge archivists to think of 10 ways we can use Twitter to enhance our services or just ourselves. I know Archives 2.0 has been explored wonderfully but I’d like to know why archivists aren’t using this technology as a networking platform? Am I just totally out of the loop? If you have an answer, please holla or, better yet, just send me a tweet.