Day 18:  Analyze the Comments on Your Own Blog

The post that generated the most comments was The Readers’ Advisory, with a grand total of 15 comments.  Part of the reason this post generated so many comments is that it was a requirement for the class I was taking with Meredith Farkas.  The funny thing is, I actually enjoyed working on this project and ended up submitting it as a proposal to my then employer.  It was swiftly shot down but I think it had less to do with me and more to do with a fear of social networking and the work involved with instruction, usage, etc. 

I think that post also generated the best conversation because not only did I receive comments and support from individuals in the class, but I received outside support too.  Libraries who had implemented such programs contacted me both on the blog and through my email to ask questions and tell me how the program was or was not working in their environments.  So I was able to learn a lot from many different individuals.

In general, my posts do not receive a lot of comments because I don’t ask a lot of questions.  Most of my posts are reactionary which is something I definitely need to change.  I like and value the interaction that comes from the comments.