Day 27:  What Do You Communicate About Your Personal Brand Through Comments?

I never thought of the way that I sign comments as “branding” myself, I just thought of it as a way to identify myself and take ownership of my comments.  While I blog anonymously (but with a little digging anyone can find out my name), I don’t feel that I have the right to comment anonymously.  If I take the time to comment on a blog, I want to get the credit – good, bad or indifferernt.  But I digress… 

When people come across one of my blogs or read my comments, I want them to come away with the image of a woman who is self-assured, intelligent, witty and willing to learn.  Because of the relative anonymity of blogging and commenting, it’s hard for people to form an opinion of an individual, unlike in f2f presentations where image is everything.  Blogging and commenting leaves a digital imprint that will be there forever, so we have to be mindful of the image we creating (or the image we are leaving behind).

I read with interest Kevin’s comment on why he was passing on this challenge and it reminded me of an incident that happened when I was applying for grad school and I asked one of my professors to write a recommendation for me.  This professor and I had developed a wonderful relationship during my time as a student and I viewed him as a mentor and a friend, so I was stunned when I read the first line of his recommendation.  It read:  “Dani is a beautiful young lady…” and it continued for another paragraph about my looks.  I felt that the almost complete focus on my physical attributes negated the intellectual work that I had done during my four years of study.  It caused me to wonder if I had been graded solely on my face and not on my brains.

Years later, when I started blogging, I thought this would provide me with the opportunity to prove that I am more than just a pretty face.  There is some thought and wit and depth of knowledge that exists.  I know that in this digital age, employers, friends and even enemies are likely to google a person just so they can find out something about them.  When someone googles me or reads my comments and clicks on my link, I want them to have an image of a professional who works hard at making herself a better librarian/archivist while still managing to look good doing it. 🙂  Thank you, Bare Escentuals