Day 29:  Write a Commenting Guide for Students

Well, I’m a librarian and archivist at an academic library, so my commenting guide would be geared toward college students.

1.  Do not comment anonymously.  Own your comments and, if necessary, be prepared to defend or support them.

2.  Be creative with your comment, “great post” is unacceptable.  If you agree with someone or think their post was great, tell them why.  Let the blogger know what you learned from reading their post.

3.  Don’t relegate comments to just the blogger, comment on other people’s comments.  Get a dialogue going. 

4.  Do not flame or resort to name calling because you disagree with someone.  The point of commenting is to foster a secure learning environment where people exchange ideas.

5.  Have fun.  Commenting is not a torturous activity.  It shows that you are engaged in the conversations around you and that you are more than just a passive observer.  Furthermore, it lets the blogger know that someone is out there.