Day 31:  Your Top 5 Lessons

Hmmm, the top 5 lessons that I learned from this challenge would be:

1.  Commenting is not bad.  It shows the blogger that someone is reading his or her words and learning from them.  It also offers support to the blogger, because blogging can be a lonely business, especially if you think no one is, ahem, reading.

2.  Sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone to broaden your horizons.  The 3 Links Out challenge introduced me to a new blog that I never would have found otherwise. 

3.  When I comment, I am “branding” myself and I need to be aware of the digital image that I am creating.  Because my comments and, ultimately, my blogs are the initial ways that people are going to know me.  And in the competitive field of librarianship :), the image that I put out there is what could impact potential employers, speaking engagements or positions within different associations.

4.  If someone takes the time to comment on my blog, I should take the time to respond.  To do otherwise would be tantamount to walking away in the middle of a conversation which is something I would never do f2f and shouldn’t be done virtually either.

5.  I can finish something, even if it is later than everyone else.  So much for that adult onset ADD, huh?