So this was my first Alumni Weekend and I was prepared for the onslaught of visitors who would be waiting at the door each morning for my arrival. I was disappointed. Not in the quality of visitors but in the quantity of visitors. The people that I met, in person and on the phone, were funny, warm and inviting. They shared stories with me about their days roaming the campus and “trolling for men” as one of the alumni put it (this used to be an all girls school).

From Thursday to Sunday, I had a total of ten visitors. I think the reason for the low turn out was two-fold: 1) there were numerous back-to-back events scheduled for the alumni and 2) the archives closed just as the major events were ending on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, I will adjust next year’s schedule more accordingly and make sure that the archives is opened at least an hour after the last big event ends.

I’m also wondering if I didn’t do enough publicizing for the archives. I made up a flyer and I posted the hours that the archives would be opened. I was also in contact with the Alumni Reunion Committee to make sure that they knew the hours. There were displays set up for each of the reuniting classes.

I am opened to suggestions for next year. Tell me how you market your archives.