Welcome to Curious Child\'s Library Wanderings

I have decided to consolidate my two blogs into one.  And after much hemming and hawing, I have decided to move everything here. It was just too hard to maintain two blogs without becoming redundant and I didn’t want to further contribute to the overwhelming Data Smog that exists in the blogosphere.

The decision to switch over to WordPress was a hard one to make. I like many of the functionalities of Blogger, for example I can see my tweets and books without any problems. And if Blogger provided an easy import button, I would have gone with Blogger but they don’t. Another reason I went with WordPress is recognition. I use Curious Child’s Library Wanderings as my “calling card” more often than I use this blog, so….

I’ll leave this site up for a month or so and then it’ll be gone. But, please, join me as I continue my journey at Curious Child’s Library Wanderings.