I am so frustrated with myself.  Earlier today, I accidentally deleted my original Web 2.0 Wednesday post along with all of the comments.  So I’m trying to repost my flickr photos now.

According to the instructions, we were supposed to post something unique about where we live using a web 2.0 technology.  I decided to change the directions a tad and focus on my job because I’m incredibly proud of the changes I’ve made in the 3 months that I’ve been working in the archives.

When I first started, the place was a bit unorganized and there was a backlog of materials that needed to be processed. So I began by cleaning out the outer office first because that is the first area people see when they walk up to the archives. I cleaned out the bookshelf (which is a beautiful piece of antique furniture) and took out all of the materials that simply didn’t belong, e.g. pirate hat, scarves, erasers, etc.

Next I put all of the boxes and unprocessed materials into the inner office and had my student workers go through them and weed out duplicate materials and anything that did not fit into one of 3 main categories:

  •  University history
  • Sisters of Mercy history
  • Back Mountain community history

Because I was new to the library and the archives, I didn’t have the emotional connection to many of the items that people who have been there for years have, so it was easy for me to weed materials.  It’s also easy for me to say “no” when people want to donate materials that don’t fit within our collection development policy.  I do my best to help them find safe homes for their items though.  I’m not totally heartless.  🙂

Anyway, enjoy the pictures…


curiouschild34's My Office photoset curiouschild34’s My Office photoset