Today is Tuesday and it is one of the longest days in my work week because it doesn’t end until after 11 PM.  I usually don’t mind but I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m a tad bit cranky.  That’s one of the plus sides to being in my position.  Because I divide my time between the Reference Desk and the Archives, I don’t have to be *on* all day like librarians who staff the desk all day.  Whether they’re having a bad day or not, they have to be cheerful and helpful.  If I’m having a bad day, I know that I can hide out in the Archives for a couple of hours.  Trust me, that’s for the benefit of the public.  🙂

Because I didn’t get the opportunity to post yesterday, I’ll give a brief run down so I can get to work.  Yesterday, I arrived a little after 8 AM and came straight up to the Archives because I had a patron who would be using the scanner and some pictures later that morning.  One of my many responsibilities is the maintenance of the collection for the Back Mountain Historical Association.  Mostly what this entails is accepting donations (usually pictures) and scanning them to be added to the online pictorial collection.  Today, however, the former archivist for Misericordia University is coming in to look at some pictures for a book he is putting together on the history of the Back Mountain community.

While he is working on his project, I am working on mine:  a bibliographic instruction session for the history class that I teach on Tuesday evenings.  Both of these are firsts for me, so I am incredibly nervous.  I have never taught a bibliographic instruction before nor have I ever taught a history course before.  I am probably over preparing for both, but I’d rather be over prepared than under prepared. 

Around 10 AM, I go to the Reference Desk.  I’m only scheduled to work the desk for an hour and a half a day but sometimes I stay longer.  Especially since we are short staffed and it helps the other staff members to catch up on their work or go to lunch or what have you.  For the most part, whatever I’m working on can be done at the desk so I don’t need to be in my office.  There are few reference questions because there are few students on campus.  Two hours later, I am back in the Archives.

Around 2 PM, I am interrupted for a birthday party.  We librarians love to celebrate.  In the staff lounge, there is German chocolate cake, apple pie and cherry cake.  I can’t decide which I want, so I jokingly say “Surprise me” and end up with a sliver of German chocolate cake on top of cherry cake.  A winning combination!

After the festivities, I go back to my office to finish working on my bibliographic instruction.  Around 3:15, I get a frantic phone call from my daughter, she’s itchy and has red prickly bumps all over her legs.  So I gather my things and leave the library.  I get home to find out that she has been walking through the woods and had an allergic reaction to something out there.  I give her an oatmeal bath and put a bit of benadryl on her.  A few hours later, she’s fine. 

So that was yesterday and today is…going to be the longest day ever.