So this is day three of my long week.  I had to cover the reference desk on Saturday and Sunday, so it’ll be a seven day work week for me this week.  It’s only once a month, so it’s really not that bad.  Right?  Right.

So here’s my day:

  • Alarm goes off at 5:30 AM, hit the snooze button twice.
  • Get myself together for work and make sure chicklet is together so I can take her to Color Guard practice from 8 AM to 5 PM.  I know, right?  But the team kicks butt and the kids enjoy it.  So whatever?
  • 7 AM – leave the house to go to the Mickey D’s Lounge for a mocha.  Expensive for a small cup, but oh-so-worth it.
  • 7:30 AM – arrive at chicklet’s school and sigh because we are 1/2 an hour early.  Expected the line at Mickey D’s to be longer.  So I talk to chicklet and wallow in the knowledge that my days of teen angst are over and done with.
  • 7:58 AM – arrive at my office only to hear this annoying alarm ringing on the inside.  No one has told me about an alarm in the archives, so I start to panic because I’m not sure what it’s all about.  I check everything that looks like it could be an alarm, finally see a little white box that says “Water level in pan is high.”  What?  What pan?  What water?  I check everything in the archives looking for a pan.  I don’t see one.  I call facilities and tell them what’s going on…someone is sent over.  Emergency averted.  We have a humidity problem in the archives (who knew?) so an alarm was installed and facilities is supposed to check it out.
  • 9 AM – relax and turn on and start going through email.  Start scanner so I can start scanning photos to add to the Back Mountain Historical Association database.
  • 9:50 AM – prepare to go downstairs to the ref desk.
  • 10 to 11:30 AM – there’s nothing going on at the reference desk.  The students have abandoned ship and we are left alone.  It’s nice that it’s quiet but time goes by so slowly.  I use this time to go through some of the databases that I’m not as familiar with, namely the health sciences.
  • 11:40 AM – I am back in my office, scanning pictures again.