Jumping up and down…I was tagged, I was tagged!  

I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy because Baldgeedkinmd tagged me for this meme.  Now I feel like one of the chosen ones.

This meme was started by Meredith Farkas… 

1.  How or why did I start to get into blogging?

About a year ago I took a social networking course offered by Infopeople and taught by none other than Mrs. Farkas herself.  One of our assignments included starting a blog.  I was initially hesitant because I didn’t think I had much to say and I certainly didn’t feel I was qualified to add to the conversations going on in Library Land.  However, it was this post that gave me the confidence boost I needed.  Granted, Meredith told us to comment on each other’s posts so that helped but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who weren’t enrolled in the course who either commented or sent me emails requesting more information. Knowing that there were people out there who valued my opinion sent my confidence level through the roof and a blogger was born…

2.  How did I gain an audience?

It happened very slowly…smile.  I kept writing but I also started checking out the blogs of folks other than the people in the course with me and I started commenting.  Once I started commenting, others would come and see what I had to say and they would leave comments.  I’ve tried to do more to encourage commenting but I think on that end I’m probably failing but I do enjoy the interaction.  But I have to admit to really wishing I knew how to do a cartwheel when I found out someone accesses my blog through Google Reader. Whoever you are, you rawk!

3.  What advice would you give to new bloggers who want to make a name for themselves in the biblioblogosophere?

My advice would be:

  • Have something to say
  • Even if you don’t think you have an audience, write like you do
  • Read other people’s blogs and comment (not just to leave a comment but to contribute to the conversation)
  • Market yourself: use your blog’s url as your calling card
  • Have fun

So now I’m going to tag: Beaver Archivist, Spinstah and Librarians Matter.