It’s been a minute since I’ve participated in Michelle’s Web 2.0 Wednesday, but I thought this one sounded kind of nice.  And I’m in the mood to be nice.

According to the instructions, Michelle would like for participants to do a digital favor for someone. You can leave a nice comment on someone’s blog or post a funny comment on someone’s Facebook page or make an online donation to a favorite charity.

I made an online donation for my friend, Mylynka, who is running in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Breast Cancer 3-Day: Benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  As a cancer survivor and the family member of a breast cancer survivor this is an important cause for me.  Not only do we need a cure for those who have breast cancer, but we need to find ways to prevent it.  We also need to look into preventative care for those individuals (men get breast cancer too!) who don’t have health insurance or can’t afford to have a mammogram.  

Like Michelle intimated in her post, things are getting so nasty right now between politics and the economy, sometimes we need to take time to just be nice…