I received word yesterday that we are turning down the Jews of Wilkes-Barre Collection.  The reasons we are turning down the collection are all valid reasons that I had pointed out in my recommendation and assessment of the collection:  1) no room in the archives to properly store the collection, 2) no money to finance the collection (although I think we could have done a bit of fundraising) and 3) no time (even though this would be a student project under my supervision, it would still require a lot of my time). 

I will not just let the collection continue to linger in its present condition.  I will contact the Luzerne County Historical Society on behalf of the JCC and see if they can assist them. 

However, I have learned a few things from this near project:

  • I really need to look into revamping the Collection Development Policy
  • I should take a grant writing course in case an opportunity like this ever comes up again
  • Scouting out the campus to look for potential storage/office space may not be a bad idea

Anyway, it was fun almost getting my first project…