A couple of weeks ago, I asked our new library director about putting some of the pictures from the Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives on flickr and she told me to present the idea at the next managers’ meeting.  I put together a little slide presentation to show to the managers and gave a brief speech showing how other institutions (both public and private) are using flickr to promote their libraries and archival collections.  Without much debate, I was given the go ahead pending clearance from the marketing department.

I’m happy to report that the Siser Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives at Misericordia University is now on flickr.  I used  the Library of Congress as the model for setting up our flickr account and setting up the format for the pictures.  Currently, there are only 3 photographs but I plan to start adding more next week.   We’re using free access, with the option of upgrading to pro should we find it necessary.   

My hope is that people will look at the pictures and be able to fill in some of the missing details such as the stories of the people behind the photographs.  Right now, my plan is to use group shots from the mid-1920s when the college was founded to the early 1970s when the college was used as an evacuation point during Agnes Flood.

I’m incredibly happy to have this opportunity to share pictures from the archives with the public.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at archives@misericordia.edu.