Monkey on Megadose of Caffeine

My Brain Today: Monkey on Megadose of Caffeine

To say that my brain goes in a million different ways at once would be putting it mildly.  Today my multi-tasking brain is being further hampered by serious sleep deprivation (I had to pick up Miss 15 from Color Guard competition at 2:30 this morning and then get up for work at 5:30) and the need to be three different people at once (archivist, reference librarian and history instructor) is a bit overwhelming.  Now, I’ve already had more than my fair share of caffeine from my ginormous mug.  Little tip, coffee with 3 heaping scoops of Swiss Miss, a scoop of creamer and 3 scoops of sugar is probably the closest you will get to Heaven this side of the divide.  But I digress…

This morning began with the aforementioned 2:30 AM text:  “Can you drive to the school?  I’ll be there soon.”  I’ve known Miss 15 for quite a while now, um, 15 years to be exact, so I know “soon” means 30 minutes.  I was close.  Twenty minutes later a cranky, hungry, tired teenager poured herself into my car and proceeded to tell me how tired she was and how futile going to school would be for her.  I looked at her, scarf still tied around my head, oversized pjs hanging from beneath my husband’s coat and grimaced.  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 15 years… 

Three and a half hours later, Miss 15 is still snug in her bed while I’m cursing under my breath…seriously debating whether I should forego all attempts at hygiene for just 10 more minutes of sleep.  I bathe.  You knew I would, right?  Right?  And I get dressed.  Several times.  The first few attempts left me looking as bedraggled as  I felt.

Today is Manic Monday for me…first I have a Manager’s Meeting at 9:15.  I arrive about 5 minutes late because I’m still prepping for the class I have to teach from 10 to 10:50.  The meeting goes well, I tell everyone the projects that I’m working on for the next two weeks.  Both projects involve flickr – one I’ve discussed already and the other, I’ll talk about later.  Anyway, half way through the meeting I leave to run off to my history class.

I get to my classroom and nothing wants to work.  About two weeks into the course, I started creating powerpoints to go along with the lectures because it takes some of the focus off me.  Ok, part of me thought I’d love having all the attention focused on me for 50 minutes three times a week.  NOT.  It’s a little weird to see everyone looking at me so expectantly, like I’m about to impart some sort of divine historical knowledge on them.  So I really rely on the powerpoints.  Needless to say, I started to get panicky when nothing would work.  Slap to the forehead!  Flip the master power switch. 

The rest of class goes off without a hitch…I think.  In my zombie like state, who knows what I told those poor kids?

So now I’m back in my office, prepping myself to go to the Reference Desk for the next two and a half hours.  I hope I can manage…My plan is to work on a library instruction outline for a history research course in the spring. 

I.  Will.  Focus.