Shushing DaniSmart Poodle Publishing has announced the winners for the “What I Wish Everyone Knew About Librarians” writing contest.  Head nod at Debbie Glade for letting me know.

Grand Prize Winner: Lisbeth Boutang, Cloquet Public Library
Second Place Winner: Brenda Talley, North Richland Hills Public Library
Third Place Winner: Sue Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School Library

There is also a list of Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations to you all, they were interesting reads – some of them made me smile, one made me grimace and another made me so flippin’ happy that I do not work in a public library anymore.  I ask all of my loyal readers to take some time to read the submissions.  And by loyal, I mean the two of you who have my blog coming through a feed reader, my mom and my husband.  🙂 

I guess if there are two things that I’d like for people to know about librarians, it is that we are not all Laura Bush.  No apologies.  This issue bothers the heck out of me, but I am not going to turn this into a political post  ( although, I do, in fact, respect her loyalty to her husband and to her country). 

Secondly, we do not sit in the library reading books all day, we actually work and we work hard. If you’d like to know what a librarian’s day is really like, take a look at this.  In the meantime, find a librarian and thank him/her today.