You’d think I’d learn my lesson.  But nooooo….this head is as hard as a rock.  Just ask my mother who spent my formative years trying to get me to stop saying “Yeah.”  Guess what I still say?

I was asked to teach another history course in addition to the one that I am teaching for the traditional students.  The course is History 103 American History to 1865.  Yes, it is the course that I just finished teaching.  The difference?  This will be an accelerated course for adult students.  We will meet for 4 hours every Thursday evening for about 5 weeks. 

This may sound a bit intimidating and, in many ways, it is.  However, the first course I ever taught was for Adult Ed, so I’m fairly comfortable with the format.  Besides, I really enjoy being with the adult students.  There’s more interaction and less of the excuses and grumbling that you can sometimes get with younger students. 

My concern is how will I balance the demands of family and work.  I now have a full load:  history instructor for 2 programs, archivist, reference librarian, wife and mother.  Will I be able to carve out time for myself?  It sounds selfish to worry about “me time” but I have gradually learned something that most mothers have a hard time accepting…you cannot do it all without suffering either physically, emotionally or spiritually.  It took me reconnecting with a very special friend to remind myself that I have to take care of myself too.

Recently (as in yesterday), I decided I wanted to start exercising.  I needed to find something to do that would clear my head and revive my body.  Something that would allow me to focus on myself and not worry about anyone else around me…Now I just need to find the time.