Me at the beginning of a very busy day...

Me at the beginning of a very busy day...

Today begins the second round of “A Day in the Life of a Librarian” as proposed by Bobbi Newman.  If you’d like to check out the lives of other librarians and see how they make it through their day, here’s a list of participants.

I gave my post that incredibly long title because those are all the titles that make up the fabulousness that is me.  🙂  Seriously, I am many things to many people at Misericordia University – sometimes I’m a librarian helping students with research questions (or, more often, fixing paper jams in the printer) or I’m a history instructor trying to make a mandatory history class interesting for students who really don’t understand why they have to take the class if their major is Occupational Therapy or I’m the University Archivist who spends hours uploading pictures from our archives onto Flickr because I like the idea of combining old things with new technologies and offering greater access to some really beautiful pictures.  But the role I’ve been playing the longest is that of mother and wife.  And those are the jobs that I begin and end my day with and so I begin…

5:45 AM – My alarm goes off…I lie there debating whether I want to get up and exercise or try to catch another 10 or 15 minutes of sleep.  I turn on the tv (while still debating) and catch the tale end of a news story on CNN (gotta love waking up to Don Lemon).

Still deciding on that exercise thing…

6:00 AM – Miss 13 knocks on my door and says “Mommy, time to wake up.”  I mumble something along the lines of “Yeah, thanks.”  There is a method to my madness.  They kept oversleeping, so I told them if they want me to drive them to the bus in 7 degree weather they needed to make sure I am up in time.  Now I know for sure they are up — standing in the freezing cold makes you wise up.

6:30 AM – I am sitting at the bus stop listening to Miss 15, Miss 13 and Mr. 13 talk about how cold it is outside.  How do they know? They are sitting all warm and toasty in my car.  Oh, they’re looking at the other kids standing outside shivering.

6:50 AM – The bus arrives and I head back home.  Miss 12 has informed me that I have to drive her to school because she has band practice and hates getting off and on the bus with her bells on her back.  In my day…

7:00 AM – What am I pondering?  Oh yeah.  To exercise or not to exercise?  Who am I kidding?

7:30 AM – Showered, dressed and made up…I’m ready for something to eat, so I throw some instant Cream of Wheat into the microwave.

7:40 AM – Miss 12 says it’s time to go.  Um, not before I eat.  She stands there staring at me until I give up and just start shoveling the food into my mouth…She walks away, grabs my keys and starts the car.  Really?  Is she going to leave without me? I give up on the eating thing.  Moms don’t need to eat we can live off the demands of our husbands and the exasperated sighs of our children.

7:50 AM – I drop Miss 12 off at school and head to work.

8:05 AM – I arrive at work and begin the paid portion of my day…

8:10 AM – Check mail box…Hmmm, Choice Card selections from the History Department.  This is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with these so I’m going to have find out what I need to do with them.

8:15 AM – Check work email and reply to everyone who needs an answer.  Most of the questions are from students who missed class wanting to know what they missed.  I guess they missed the portion of my introduction that said “If you miss class do not contact me and ask if you missed something important.  Assume that you did and contact one of your classmates to get the notes.”

8:30 AM – Check personal email…laugh at a few jokes and delete spam.

8:35 AM – Print out lecture notes for my 10 AM history class…In reality, my day should have started last night because I worked on these notes all night last night and didn’t finish tweaking until about 12:30 this morning.

9:00 AM – Go in search of my first cup of coffee…

9:43 AM – Heading across to Mercy Hall to teach my class.  I have to go up to the fourth floor.  This makes up for me not exercising this morning.  I hope the equipment works today.

10 to 10:50 AM – Ok.  I had fully planned to cheat on the whole steps thing.  Joke’s on me ’cause when I arrived at Mercy Hall the elevator was packed so I had to walk up the stairs.

I arrive at class and do my usual “housekeeping”:  pass around the attendance sheet (last semester there were attendance issues), let them know the plan for today’s class and set up the powerpoint.

I begin with the discussion questions from today’s reading.  These are usually 5 to 8 questions that come from the book with a few follow up questions just to make sure the material is being read.  As usual, only four people are participating.  Four out of thirty-one.  This has been a growing source of frustration for me.  Part of their grade comes from participation and it’s not as if the questions are a surprise; they come directly from the book.  I remind them that participation is necessary for their grades.  I threaten to call on people by name.  Then I become one of those teachers I hated when I was in school.  I have them clear off their desks and I write three questions on the board and give them 15 minutes to answer.

I really never wanted to be that teacher…But I also want them to know that it is important to do the work.  History isn’t an event in the distant past, it’s something that happens around us all the time and I want them to know this…*grrrr*

Hopping down off my soapbox

11:00 AM – I need coffee

11:30 to 1:30 PM – Reference Desk duty.  Or what I affectionately call “Hey, these stupid printers suck!  Can you fix them” hour (or, in this case, hours).  I don’t know what it is with printers and libraries but I have yet to go into a library where the printers work well all the time.  And when they do work well, the librarian is usually thankful because she or he is  spending time unjamming papers from the hole punch.  This happens when students put 60 pages into the hole punch even though I repeatedly tell them no more than 10 sheets at a time.  If you have to jam it into the hole punch you have too many pages.

I am really not bitter.  Ok.  Yes I am .  But I try to keep it under control.  I think my class just sent me into a tizzy…

Serenity now.

2:47 PM – Have finished looking up the Choice Card selections for the History Department and they meet my approval.  *wink*  So now I’ll take the cards down to purchasing.  This reminds me that I still need to pick out memorial books for my father.  I still haven’t been able to deal with his death.  I don’t want to deal with his death.

3:00 PM – Ran over to Mercy Hall to sign a teaching contract.  After talking over the events of this morning, I wonder if I’m being too hard on my class?  Are freshmen just shy in the classroom?  I thought I had made my class a non-threatening environment maybe it’s not as non-threatening as I thought.  Ugh, I really hate second guessing myself.

After signing the contract and discussing my class, I schedule a Library Instruction session for Wednesday at 3.  I am so incredibly nervous.  The instructor is going to be in the class as well as a one of the student workers from the library.  *sigh*

4:00 PM – I’m eating dinner on the run tonight.  Mr. 13 has a basketball game and he’s starting.  Yippee…  Note to self, Chinese is not a good eat-in-the-car meal.  Yes, I knew it before I did it but still…

5:00 PM – Mr 13’s basketball game is starting now and Tony and I haven’t made it to the school yet.  Who knew Hanover has two different high schools?  Oy!  Boy is calling and texting frantically.  He is supposed to be starting tonight.  As much as I love that my son wants us at the game, I really wish he was focusing on the game. 

5:45 PM – We missed Mr. 13 starting.   But his coach put him in for the last few minutes of the game so that we can see him.  Go boy!  It’s all I can do to keep from running out on the court and hugging him.  Yes, I know.  But he’s my son and I am incredibly proud of him for sticking with this through the season. 

7:15 PM – I’m going to work out and make up for this morning.  Yeah, right.  I really need my nails done. 

7:53 PM – Manicure is done.  I cannot procrastinate any longer, I really need to work out.  This weekend I ate 3 pieces of lemon meringue pie and a bag of Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake Cookies.   Honestly, these cookies are so good you’ll slap your momma!  I have often said I’d wreck a car for these cookies.  To put your minds at ease, I now take the cookies out of the grocery bag and throw them in the front seat so I can gnosh to my heart’s content.

8:00 PM – I am really going to work out.  Now.

Me at the end of a very busy and trying day.

Me at the end of a very busy and trying day.

9:25 PM – There is nothing worse than realizing you have to eat crow.  Or, at the very least, admit that you’ve made a mistake.  So I’m going through my notes for class on Wednesday and I realize that the lecture that I gave today was actually meant for mid February.  This is what happens when I work late at night on multiple projects.  So now I have to go to class on Wednesday and say “Scrap everything!  I messed up.”  Oy!  This is so not what I needed right now.  I need that Easy Button.  Now!