Every time I get that question, I try to come up with a quick answer that won’t:  a. bore the tears out of the individual asking or b. make them stare at me in disbelief while mumbling “that’s what you do all day?”  Granted, that’s not the reaction I get from everyone…usually, it’s an “Oh, that’s so cool” followed by an eyeroll because they really do not understand my fascination with history and my love for all things old and worn.  It’s an acquired obsession that is handed out to only a few of us:  the brave, the proud, the obsessive-compulsive, the archivist.

Anyway, thanks to L’Archivista, I can now show people this little gem from GadBall.

Fist bump for putting it out there for me and explaining my job to folks.  I like that they explain that it’s not all about must and dust but that archivists are required to keep current on emerging technologies.  Kudos!