Ok, so that title doesn’t work as well as “So You Think You Can Dance?”  but whatever…I like it and it gets me to my point, what does it take to become a librarian?  Or, for that matter, exactly what does a librarian do?  These are the questions being asked by young girls who are looking to “expand their horizons” and consider different career opportunities.

About three months ago, I was contacted by Miss Mindy Kittay (love her name) and asked if she could use one of my library pictures for a presentation about librarians and librarianship as a career choice for young girls.  How could I say no?  An opportunity to share information about my career with little girls and break stereotypes in the process…puh-leeze, I was all over it!

I am now happy to announce that Miss Kittay’s wiki is finished!  And I think she has done a wonderful job of not only discussing different types of librarians but different types of libraries as well.  She also provides information about what it takes to become a librarian as well as links to various library resources.  If you get a chance, check it out!