Today is bittersweet for me, it’s the day before my last day of work.  I haven’t blogged about my departure because I haven’t really been quite sure what to say.  I’m so good with “hellos” but “good-byes” tear me to shreds.  Especially when it comes to leaving Misericordia University.

I have such a long and wonderful history with this University.  I came here as a young married mother of four small children with a full course load and a whole lot of dreams and I’m leaving here as an *ahem* older married mother of four nearly grown children with two Master’s degrees and a wealth of memories.  In my time here, I have survived cancer, taught over four history courses, driven through mad crazy snow storms, endured giggle fits that have left me nearly helpless, killed two plants and met some of the most interesting people who will never fully understand the impact they have had on me.  I never thought I would ever leave….

I remember graduation day, as I walked across the stage to receive my Bachelor’s degree, I looked at my professor, Dr. Donald Fries, and told him that I’d be back.  As I walked off the stage, Dr. Michael MacDowell (University President) pulled me back and said: “You will be back.”  What we didn’t know was that it would take nearly five years but I did come back and it felt like coming home.

In an effort to do what I do best – preservation and documentation – I have decided to mark my final two days here in pictures.