I Love My Librarian

I Love My Librarian

How about yours?  Do you know a librarian who deserves recogntion for running a reading program for preschoolers?  Or a librarian who recommends the best books evar?  Or, perhaps, your librarian greets you with a smile when you walk through the door.  Whatever the reason, you can nominate your favorite librarian for the Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award!

Up to ten librarians will be recognized with $5000 at an awards ceremony hosted by the New York Times.

I met my favorite librarian when I was attending junior high school at Aviano Air Base, Italy.  His name was Mr. Wolford and I though he had the most incredible job in the world.  During the day, I would wander into the library and help Mr. Wolford shelve books and, in return, he would set aside books for me that he thought I’d enjoy reading.  Not that there were a ton of people beatind down the doors to the library – I was such a nerd!  During my ninth grade year, Mr. Wolford left Aviano to become a librarian in Bahrain (I suspect this is when my abandonment issues began).  After that I lost track of Mr. Wolford but I never lost the one thing that Mr. Wolford nurtured in me – a love for books.

If you know a librarian who has touched your life in some way, please take the time to show your appreciation by nominating him or her.  The deadline for nominations is 9 October 2009.  Winners will be announced in early November.

If you’d like to know more about what librarians do, check out Bobbi’s wiki,  “Library Day in the Life.”  This wiki started as a few librarians who took up Bobbi’s challenge to document a day in their life, it has now become an annual event supported by a diverse group of people working in and around libraries.  Check it out, it’s ver interesting and fun reading.