Library 101I’ve stated before that I am hopelessly addicted to my BlackBerryIt’s a problem, I admit it, moving on.  I’m equally addicted to Twitter and I check it obsessively (I’m nosy and always think I’m going to miss something).  So last night, I checked Twitter for like the twentieth time in as many minutes and I saw a tweet from David Lee King announcing that the Library 101 Project: Pre-Launch Website is up.  *squee*

No, I don’t work in a library any longer but I’m still incredibly excited by new and exciting projects in Library Land.  Furthermore this project is the brainchild of David and a friend of mine (shout out to Michael Porter) with contributions from some of the best librarians in the world (they know who they are – I heart you guys!).   According to Michael, the Library 101 Project will go live on Wednesday, 28 October at 2 PM PST.  The page will host three main pages which will include the song, video and nearly twenty essays from thinkers across the library field.  The purpose of the Library 101 Project is to keep those working in the library field abreast of new and exciting changes in technology and librarianship.