Name of Institution


Phone Number



Deed of Gift Agreement


I, ____________________________________, residing at (street, city, state, zip, phone number)


own and desire to give, or am empowered as legal agent for


to give the (Name of Institution) the following described property (attach extra sheet if necessary):


I assign and convey irrevocably the legal title and all literary rights or copyright which I may have to the described to the (Name of Institution).  I agree that the (Name of Institution) may use the material as it deems most beneficial.  I understand that the (Name of Institution) may digitize this material for access via the World Wide Web or for other forms of electronic distribution.  Furthermore, I agree that researchers who meet the requirements set by the (Name of Institution) may have full access to this collection with the exception of restriction(s) or conditions stated below:


None:_________  Specify:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Any item not retained by the (Name of Institution) shall be (donor to select):


Discarded:_____________  Returned to donor:__________ Other: __________________


In full accord with the provisions of this deed of gift, I hereunto set my hand.


Donor’s Signature__________________________________________ Date___________


Receipt of the above material is gratefully acknowledged on behalf of the (Name of Institution).


Archivist_________________________________________________ Date___________

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